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import and export events (ical, outlook, google calendar, pdf, etc)

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    AdminFabiano Franz (Admin, coolendar) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  AdminFabiano Franz (Admin, coolendar) responded  · 

    Dear users,

    We have a very early preview regarding the integration with other calendar apps subject. At this time it works “from coolendar” > “to google, ical or your preferred calendar app”, but the inverse is coming. It is very useful to make use of other apps notifications and even have your events on your mobile calendar app. How does it work?

    1. At the bottom of your coolendar, copy the small, almost hidden url of the “ics” link.
    2. On Google Calendar, go to “Other Calendars”, “Add”, “Add by URL” and paste.
    3. On iCal, go to “Calendar”, “Subscribe” and paste. Other desktop calendar apps may be similar.

    Integrating with Google Calendar will also integrate (events and notifications) with Android, that’s great.

    What do you think?

    Best regards! ;)


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      • Doug Powell commented  · 

        Very cool idea. Makes it possible for me to quickly punch an appointment into my calendar.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        not syncing with google calendar, nor is it syncing with itouch after upgrade to ios5- could LOVE coolendar - and fond of even with quirks

      • anon. commented  · 

        WHY IS THIS NOT DONE YET???????????????????? USELESS UNTIL IT INTEGRATES GCAL or OTHER SYSTEM. Sorry for all caps, quite emotional about this :)

      • TJT commented  · 

        Doesn't import Google Calendar events and everything i have for months out is in gcal. Neat app if you're just starting out, but useless to someone who's life is already on another calendar system.

      • retorix commented  · 

        Could not see the new "coolendar" after importing the "ics-link" to my gcal. The coolendar is not empty. But no coolendar and no dates in gcal!?!?
        What's wrong?

      • Eli Sklar commented  · 

        I love the app!

        The fact that I can use Google Talk to set and receive todo stuff is such a smart move on your end, this is so simple and easy, that I don't know how nobody thought about it before.

        Anyway, great execution, excellent app, keep up the good work!

      • Jodi commented  · 

        Love the app and have been using it daily, but there may be one drawback for me: it doesn't sync as it should. This seems to only sync sporadically and even then, it doesn't transfer all of my tasks and events.

      • kenneth curit commented  · 

        cool.. i'm always update because of this site..and always received email from robbot calendar in my email

      • Kolja Butzki commented  · 

        This would be my one and only calendar app - if it would sync with gcal. Where is that "ics-link"? Can you please fix that? It would be awesome!

        I always wanted a feedlike calendar like yours! Don't give up now!

      • Brian Purkis commented  · 

        I won't use this until this feature is added. I've been using Google Cal for a while and have multiple shared calendars with work, girlfriend, etc. I can't start my calendar anew.

      • OMG LOVE commented  · 

        i cant find the damn ics link

      • Olegko commented  · 

        Cool service, thank you!
        But there is one issue: usually I enter event deadlines in coolendar, but in Google Calendar the event is displayed as started at coolendar time and one hour lasting.
        Can you please add start and end time for the event in coolendar?

      • Brian Purkis commented  · 

        I would love to use this app. But I can't unless it actively syncs with my Google Calendar and shows all of the shared calendars on it.

      • Kevin Joy commented  · 

        I LOVE Coolendar! I've been waiting for an app with this functionality for a very long time, and I'm very pleased with the execution of this one. Import/export integration will poise this to become my primary calendar/scheduling tool. Thanks!

      • Arturo commented  · 

        I need to import all my stuff from google calendar, and have be able to keep coolendar and Gcal synced to start using it!

      • gordtm commented  · 

        OK, Ive got this working in my Google calendar and integrated in my Zimbra Desktop calendar :)
        But, how do I get my Coolandar appointments to show up in my Gmail calendar on my Blackberry?

      • Kevin Merlini commented  · 

        I agree with everyone on here, I would love to start using this service, but I need the google calender integration

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